About Us

The Problem:

Distracted driving is an epidemic. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that cell phones are a factor in 1.6 million crashes annually, causing 500,000 injuries and taking 6,000 lives each year. Texting while driving is now the single largest cause of death for teenagers in the United States and six times more likely to cause an accident than drunk driving.

While we know we shouldn’t text and drive, the impulse to reach for the phone is nothing short of compulsive. Whether it’s a text message, a social media notification, or an alert from any number of smartphone apps, we are now hardwired to look - and it can kill us.

The RiVE Solution:

23-year-old entrepreneur Tyler Nathan created RiVE with the goal of making driving safer for everyone.

RiVE seamlessly integrates simple hardware and software in a single system, making it the only product that simultaneously eliminates both the temptation AND the ability to use a mobile device while driving.

RiVE’s patented, sleek hardware eliminates the driver’s physical interaction with the phone. You simply plug the RiVE device into your car and connect the other end of the RiVE cable to your phone like you would any other cable thus freeing you from the ability to use your phone while driving. Meanwhile, the app’s software holds text messages (and all other) notifications while the vehicle is in use. Senders receive a customizable auto-reply informing them that the recipient is driving and will be notified of their message once the car is parked. At the same time, RiVE allows the driver to receive a phone call and stay connected to their phone’s GPS and entertainment services (music, podcasts, etc.).

RiVE is unique in that it offers effective safety protocols without the overbearing and invasive restrictions (e.g. blocking all phones in the car, requiring a complicated dashboard installation, etc.). RiVE is as obvious as buckling a seatbelt and as easy to use as a phone charger (which RiVE also does).

In April 2017, RiVE launched a Kickstarter campaign. After 30 days of a live campaign, RiVE became one of the 19.84% successfully funded technology Kickstarter campaigns. Without the support from our 189 backers, we could not have made it this far.

RiVE conducted a successful test run in early 2018. The first RiVE units will be shipped in the summer of 2018.

Fun Facts– Name and Logo:

So why is the name RiVE? What does RiVE have to do with distracted driving? Well, it’s pretty simple. RiVE is drive without the distraction– literally. When you eliminate the distraction from your drive, you are left with RiVE!

Did you just assume that our logo of an R within a circle was pretty generic? We don’t blame you. But maybe you noticed the symbolism in the RiVE logo. When designing our logo, we drew inspiration from the genesis of our name, the concept of drive without the ‘d’istraction/removing the d. As such, the curve in the top of the R is larger and more rounded to represent the start of a capital D, but is cut off therefore preventing the D (distraction) from forming. And the diagonal of the R that cuts it off symbolizes a seatbelt to reinforce our commitment to safety and safe driving. The diagonal also stretches to the top of the vertical line of the R rather than only a part of the way up just like a seatbelt extends over your shoulder. Oh, and the R is also then engulfed by a circle, which traditionally is a symbol for wholeness and eternity (safety and life) doubled as a steering wheel.