It's still driving, just without the distraction

RiVE app screenshot

The RiVE App

The RiVE app plays a crucial role during a drive. The RiVE app mutes incoming notifications in order to prevent drivers from shifting their focus on the road to the alert on their phone. The phone’s ring, ding, and vibrate is the triggering event that causes drivers to use their phones. No one is immune. As a society, we are now compelled to react to every phone message.

Don’t worry about missing out on something important. When a contact sends you a text message, the RiVE system will automatically send an auto-response to notify that individual you are driving. If it’s time sensitive and important, they can always call you. RiVE allows for incoming and outgoing phone calls. If it’s something that can wait, all your messages will be ready for you when your drive is done.

RiVE application driving history screenshot

Keep track of driving habits

Family tracking allows you to see how often users in your family are driving safely with RiVE. View past trips to see usage patterns for yourself and your family. Family tracking is only available to premium subscribers