Smart Cable


Finally, a product that prevents texting and driving.

RiVE Smart Cable

Easy to Use

Simply plug in RiVE and go. The RiVE app automatically launches, enabling immediate distraction-free driving.


Limits the driver’s physical interaction with the phone and eliminates notifications and alerts like text messages, emails, and social media posts.

Always Connected

See how often drivers in your family are connected to the RiVE app.

The RiVE Cable

We have taken the traditional charging cable to the next level. Of course the RiVE cable charges your phone, but that’s not all. An LED light at the base of the cable illuminates red or green to indicate if the driver is using the product properly. When a driver is driving without using the product, the cable will continue to beep as a reminder to connect the phone to the RiVE cable.

The RiVE cable functions as a charger, a reminder, and a physical deterrent to access and use your phone while driving.

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RiVE Smart Cable

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